A Writer’s workflow

I often wonder how the rest of my fellow writers manage to organize their daily work.

In my case, I am quite convinced that the system I use is not very productive, but its great advantage is that it makes me enjoy the process a lot.

Taking advantage of the fact that I am an early riser, the first thing I try to do every morning before going to work is to write for an hour and a half. The muse is generous with me when I’m not fully awake yet. I love the feeling of overflowing creativity, although the technique at that time of day is not the best I could hope for.

5:30 in the morning Monday to Sunday

In the afternoon after work is when I take out my manuscript and dedicate myself to transfer it to Word. It’s a more mechanical task, but it allows me to chisel away at the rough work of the morning, eliminate repetitive sentences, embellish with some resources. And in this way, I not only accomplish the mission of getting my manuscript into word, but I also give it a first layer of editing.

The problem: I accumulate many more manuscript pages than I am able to edit.

The advantage: this accumulation allows me to gain perspective when editing and thus be able to act and correct minor errors in the plot.

The question is, how do you manage your writers workflow fellas?


  1. Aw yeah. There’s something to be said about not being fully awake yet. I suspect it’s the logic part of the brain not being ‘fully there’, meaning less internal editing and more out-of-the-box way of connecting the dots.

    I too try to do some writing first thing in the morning (after doing my WordPress admin work), and I used to write my first manuscript that way as well, as in draft longhand then transfer to digital.

    I love reading about other writers’ creative processes, so this was a treat. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. As an engineer I am afraid that process optimization will sooner or later lead me to write directly in word.

      This being my first novel, I can afford the whim of writing it by hand, enjoying my MontBlanc.

      There will be time to become an efficient businessman (as a writer, i mean), today it is enough for me to be a dreamer fulfilling a dream.

      Thanks to you, friend for stopping by and thank you for your inspiring comment.


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