R.J. Logar is a writer, and a keen reader of thrillers, horror and sci-fi novels. He started writing short stories and poetry at a very young age, and it wasn’t until 2021 that he finally worked up the courage to write his first novel.

R.J. Logar holds a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Law degree. He is currently working as a civil servant in the Ministry of Transport.

A Writer’s workflow

I often wonder how the rest of my fellow writers manage to organize their daily work. In my case, I am quite convinced that the system I use is not very productive, but its great advantage is that it makes me enjoy the process a lot. Taking advantage of the fact that I am an…

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Presence in social networks

One more milestone on the road to the publication of my first book has been to open today a profile in social networks. The question is how many lives will I need to be able to attend to them without stopping my writing rhythm, already quite depleted as it is. Nevertheless, I am pleased to…

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Writing outside the comfort zone

Yesterday I had to write a very murky passage. I think it’s the first time I felt so disgusted by the words I was writing. It is clear that a writer has to put distance between his own beliefs and convictions and those of his characters. It is through this dissociation that the conflict that…

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Novel Project

Mike is a young college student from New Jersey who has been living with his Aunt Cindy in Spain since he lost his parents in a tragic accident. One night, after a party, Mike and his friends encounter the ghostly apparition of a nocturnal procession. They soon connect this event with a mysterious death and by getting involved in the investigation they put their lives in danger. At the same time, Mike begins to remember what happened in the hospital where he was treated after the accident, which triggered a series of strange phenomena that would change his life forever.