Mid-project crisis

That’s the thing, I’m over 30K words in and I feel a strange sense of vertigo.

I’d like to say that I have absolutely nailed down what’s going to happen between now and the close of the story, but I’d be lying through my teeth.

Where should I go?

The crisis is even affecting the planned length of the project, which I initially estimated at about 90K words and now I don’t rule out leaving it at 70K-80K.

Getting to know your characters better means that certain things ask for more development and it’s hard to know where the ceiling is.

Anyway, I’ll keep you informed of the direction the project is taking, I’ll continue as I do every day, writing and enjoying, which after all is what’s important.


    1. Bringing things to reality from the world of ideas is a much more complicated process than it might seem at first. I had my story and my glorious ending so well thought out, and now I discover how much it lacks in the central part. Fortunately this gives me the opportunity to develop my characters further. Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting!


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