Through the Veil: The Ghostly Procession


LAUNCH DATE 5/4/2022

Ebook price after launch date: 4.99$

A paranormal encounter and a mysterious death will plunge an eighteen-year-old Mike Sullivan into an investigation that will put his life and the lives of his loved ones at mortal risk.

Cabañas de la Sierra, Madrid, 1991.
Mike is a young college student from New Jersey who has been living with his Aunt Cindy in a town in the mountains of Madrid since he lost his parents in a tragic accident as a child. One night, after a party with his friends and an encounter with the apparition of a ghostly procession, they link this event to a mysterious death and the more they learn about it, the more they discover about the darkness that surrounds them and their own unknown secrets.

With touches of supernatural horror, smoldering romance, and fantasy, this story presents us with a young college student’s struggle to adjust to a life that has been hard for him, forming an epic horror story with the subtext of coming of age, friendship, first love, and self-discovery.

Praise for Through the Veil: The Ghostly Procession, from readers abroad:

Highly recommended novel.

“It is one of those novels that hooks you from the beginning. You get involved from the beginning with the characters and it keeps you in tension until the end, without being able to stop reading. Highly recommended”

100% recommendable.
“The plot of the book is super interesting, it hooks you in a few pages and keeps you in tension until the end.”

Simply fantastic, I would like to read more books by the author.
“Catches you from the beginning easy to read and connect.”

Vibrant, it hooks you from the very first moment
“I am passionate about horror and suspense literature, that’s why I decided to buy it.
From the moment it arrived I had to start reading it and I highly recommend it!”

Already available available on Amazon

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