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A critique of Reflection, the short story written by Paul, @JPNPauly83

Today I am privileged to be able to share with you, my long-suffering readers, my impressions of a short story brilliantly written by a friend on twitter, Paul, which he kindly shared with me.

The story is about the changes in the life of a teenage girl, Amalia, who reluctantly, is forced to move with her mother to a new town. I want to point out the coincidence that my paternal grandmother’s name was Amalia. A kiss for you Grandma, wherever you are.

The story will find its raison d’être in an item with a dark concealed secret that Amalia will buy at an antique fair while her mother enrolls her in a new school.

Some objects were made to haunt us

I won’t reveal more so as not to make a spoiler of the plot, but I want to say that I loved the story. It took me by the hand, living the emotions of the protagonist, suffering her fears.

Although it is a paranormal horror story, I can’t help but think that the whole story is but a manifestation of Amalia’s fear of change, of breaking away from the known life and starting a new one, devoid of the security of the past years. Reality is often more terrifying than the shadows that lurk in the corners of our souls.

In terms of technique, I would like to highlight the author’s ability to show without telling. A fact that shines especially in what concerns the family situation of the protagonist.

I don’t know the author’s intention about the publication of this story, if it will be published separately or with a collection of other stories. I can only say that I will keep an eye on his evolution and his works, and that I will gladly read anything that comes from his magical and observant mind.

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