Building Community: Philip Beaufoy

Today I’d like to thank another fellow writer in the twitter community. This is Philip Beaufoy @PhilipJBeaufoy.
We can learn more about him and his projects on his website
The thing is that Philip asked for a testreader to read a sample of his work, I immediately agreed, and he sent me the first two chapters of his WIP.

A Dark Enlightment – WIP by Philip Beaufoy

I have to admit that I have a weakness for fantasy literature, Philip’s work is set in a fantasy world, in an undefined period that could be related to the high middle ages.
What struck me most was his technique as a writer, his mastery of the lenguage, as he displays a prose reminiscent of epic or even poetic prose.

The first mental reference I found was to Tolkien, but not the one from The Lord of the Rings, but more oriented to the epic tale of The Silmarillion. Another aspect I would like to highlight is its ability to quickly hook the reader in a wonderfully orchestrated spiral of action, in a first chapter in which we are introduced to the protagonist, Aelfheah, a young teenager from a farming family who from the beginning will have to face a myriad of adversities.

I also had the opportunity to enjoy the second chapter, in which we are introduced to another main character, Orthac, a mighty warrior, who opens, also at a fast pace, a beautiful story of overcoming and adventure.
In short, it has been very cruel of you, Philip, to allow me to read these two chapters, and not yet have the opportunity to continue reading without stopping, which is what I would really like to do after having read your work.

I wish you the best of luck in the process of completion and publication of your work which, of course, I will follow very closely.

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